OPPO A15s Series – The Perfect Gift For a Young Person


The Oppo A15 is a small mobile phone which was launched by Oppo last year. It has all the basic features that one would expect from a high-end device. This mobile phone was released with the intention of challenging the iPhone and BlackBerry devices. It was ahead of its time as it offers many features that are similar to those of the high-end smartphone devices of its rivals like iPhone and Blackberry. oppo a15s

Connectivity options on the Oppo A15s comprise of GPS and Wi-Fi. Other sensors on this small mobile phone include ambient light sensor, accelerometer, near-eye camera, and facial recognition sensor. As of latest October, the price of Oppo A15s starts from Rs. 799 in India and if you buy it directly from the Oppo Stores or through the various online shopping portals, the price comes down to Rs. 699.

There are two kinds of OPPO A15s smartphone which are the standard version and the limited version. In the standard version, you get a home button, volume buttons, screen, power key and the data centre key. On the other hand, the Limited Edition gives you a leather, blueberry look screen, a microSD slot, a vibrator, a bar code scanner and an HD camera. If you want extra features, you need to buy the accessories which come along with the phones like the charger, a data cable, a memory card, a stylus and a Bluetooth headset.

OPPO A series from the brand also makes great mobiles with a stunning looks. The OPPO A series has a lot to offer and all the major features that you have grown to love in other handsets are present in this handset. The OPPO A series has a 5.5 inch diagonal screen which is quite large when compared to the Smartphones of other brands. The OPPO A series also has a high pixel density which makes every single cell in the OPPO A series lit up brilliantly. The OPPO A series also makes use of a very powerful speaker which is capable of rendering clear and crisp sound effects that perfectly complements its huge display.

If we take a closer look at the OPPO A series then we would find out that the OPPO A series is the perfect choice for people who use their mobiles like laptops. The OPPO A series is powered by the quad core processor which enables the device to perform extremely fast operations which make it an all time favourite with the youth. The OPPO A series also has a nice design which looks quite appealing when put on a person’s wrist. If we take a look at the specifications of the handset then we would see that the OPPO A series comes with a few features which are particularly aimed at the youth. There is a dedicated video processor, a nice high pixel resolution screen that is bright and colorful, there is also a Media playback engine with a built in player that is capable of playing all types of videos and music.

As far as the camera is concerned, the OPPO A series comes with a very powerful and high mega pixel camera that makes every image captured perfect. With a large screen, the OPPO A series makes every cell in the image visible and vibrant. When it comes to the connectivity department, the OPPO A series comes loaded with the essentials. It comes with a USB micro connect, a SIM card slot, a modem, an infrared port, a headphone jack, a water resistant connector, a power adaptor, a Camera Connection Kit, a charger adaptor, an AC adapter and an AC cord.